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We teach parenting classes based on the Nurturing Parenting Program. We offer classes in both group and individual settings. There is a wide variety of classes available including infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, school age children, and adolescents. Our group classes generally last a total of 7 weeks and we encourage attendance by both guardians and children. We provide separate sessions for parents and children allowing for family members to learn on their own level. We then encourage families to discuss material and incorporate it into their home.

Nurturing parenting was developed to help families identified by child welfare in abuse and neglect cases. The goals are to increase self worth, empowerment, empathy, bonding and attachment as well as to give alternative discipline techniques that are not harsh and/or abusive. One of the most important aspects of this program is to help parents understand development of children and decrease abuse and neglect of their children. The program is cognitive and psycho-educational.

Assessments to include the AAPI and nurturing quiz are completed at the onset and conclusion of the program. The AAPI measures awareness as it relates to age appropriate expectations, empathy, bonding and attachment, nurturing discipline, self awareness and self worth, empowerment, autonomy and independence. The nurturing quiz measures the parent’s understanding of parenting techniques.

Studies have found a positive change in attitudes and ability in each category following the successful completion of the program. These same studies show a 7% recidivism rate in abuse and neglect cases, when families successfully complete the program (that means 93% of families do not have a need to return for services.