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Parent Child Interactional

Parent Child Interactional

A parent child interactional asseses many aspects of iteractions between a parent and child/children. These include:

  • Reunion (inintial enagement and eye contact)
  • Connectedness (nonverbal interation)
  • Interaction (physical and verbal)
  • Attachment (emotional bond)
  • Attention to child/children’s needs
  • Structured behavior management
  • Behavioral funtioning of parent

Visitation/Parenting Plans

A visitation or parenting plan is used to identify a custody agreement between parents. This plan will dictate how custody will be divided between parents. The parenting plan may also include information about other aspects of the child's ongoing care, such as legal and medical decisions regarding the child. Once a formal parenting plan is created, it is filed with the courts and becomes legally binding just like any other custody agreement.